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You are the one who took my name away... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[09 Dec 2007|03:03pm]
I had a dream about the Gotti boys last night. How weird and random is that...?
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My deep thoughts for the day... [18 Nov 2007|03:49pm]
I went down stairs and was talking to my sister who went on and on about organizing my other sisters house. It was really boring. But I listened cause I'm nice like that. Ok, I'm not really nice like that, but I sort of zoned out for a minute and when I snapped back to, she was pretty much done.

I got a huge ass bonus check Friday so we went shopping yesterday. It was fun. I am now the proud owner of a porcelain Snow White. It's so pretty. I hope I don't end up breaking it. I know I bought more but I don't remember what it was. Will bought the I Am Legend book but I started reading it before him. So far so good. The movie should be good. And I can't believe they took 30 Days Of Night out of theaters already!!! It just came out!!! I wanted to see that movie so bad. It won't be the same watching it in my living room. But that book was awesome so I just really wanted to see the movie.

I went into Cato yesterday and was gonna try on some shirts and I was really gassy. Like I had been farting all in the car cause I like to do that to my husband. It's gross but funny. But anyways...the Cato's chick was getting me down a shirt from the top rack and all of a sudden it hit me. I had to shit and I had to shit bad. And you know how a lot of times you can feel it coming on and can kinda hold it? Well when I was all farty I knew I would have to go poo but I figured I could wait till we got home. Well my stomache started cramping so bad and I'm standing there whispering to Will how bad I had to go. It was horrible. I got all flushed and sweaty and everything. Well I felt bad cause I came into Cato as they were closing and they were nice enough to let me in and then this lady had been getting shirts down for me so I didn't want to be all like "GOTTA GO!" on them, so I took the shirts in the dressing room. And then I was thinking that maybe I just needed to let out a big huge fart but I didn't want to cause I was the only customer in the store and the only person in the dressing room and it would be so obvious that it was me. Ya know, it's ok to do a silent fart in Walmart cause there is so many people in there that no one would really know it's you. But anyways...I was contemplating actually trying on the clothes or just pretending to since I felt so sick. Well I tried them on and none looked that great so we leave and we get to the car and I'm fine. It passed. So then I feel pretty good. I litterally thought I was gonna poo on myself but I felt a lot better once we were outside. So we decide to go to Kmart. And I told Will that if I said we need to go that we really needed to go. So we were standing in Kmart looking at camcorders for like 45 minutes and I was fine. Then we walk out to the car and it hits me again. Kind of the exact opposite of Cato's. So we get in the car and I'm like "DRIVE!" and then I tell Will the game plan. "We get home, you jump out of the car and run as fast as you can to the door, unlock it, step aside so I can run in, then you can come and get the bags out of the car." So we did as planned and Will unlocked the front door, turned on the light, ran to the bathroom and turned on the light for me as I'm running as fast as I can to the toilet. Then I was finally there and everything came out ok. But it was horrible. I thought I was gonna die, my stomache was cramping so bad.
So the moral of the story is...don't ignore your body's warning signs!!!! We should have went home right after Cato's. But it was so weird cause it hit me so hard and then went away so fast, so I thought I was ok.

Anyways, that was my eventful Saturday night. How was yours?
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[18 Nov 2007|12:58pm]
1. I'm sure we all know what your name is... so, tell us what your boss' name is.
I'm my own boss, except when Janie is around. Then I pretend to care.

2. Do you actually read your friend's surveys, or do you just copy paste them and fill them out yourself?
I read as I delete and fill in my answers.

3. Which is your favorite episode of "I Love Lucy"?
The one where she's doing the commercial for the cough syrup. I've only seen like 5 minutes of it, tho.

4. Do you consider yourself a deep thinker?
At times, but then the bowel movement completes.

5. Name three people who you are closest friends with?
Will, Willow, Angela and Misty.

6. Which one of those three people would you eat first, if you were starving?
None of them would taste that good. No offense.

7. How many red shirts would you say you own, off the top of your head?
1 I think.

8. No one cares whether or not you believe in love at first sight... but, do you believe in hate at first sight?
No but I believe in dislike.

9. If you said yes to the last question, do you think that the reason you are so hateful and judgmental is because you didn't receive enough love when you were a child?
Haha, probably.

10. How old will you be in 2021?
Depends on the month. Plus I don't feel like doing math.

11. Would you rather be tone deaf or color blind?
Color blind...cause you can still see color, it's just a little off...so my art really wouldn't be affected.

12. When do you think is the proper time in a relationship to give the other person your business card?
Ok, that's just lame.

13. When you were a kid, which comic strip was your favorite?
Family Circle I think...can't really remember.

14. You can only wear a sock on one foot for the rest of your life... which foot is it ?

15. How many words can you make out of the letters of your name?
57 I think. Mostly in baby language. (I am guessing of course...too lazy to actually try.) (One day I will, tho.) (Or maybe not.)

16. How do you feel about fake plants?
They are kind of lame.

17. What is your obsessive compulsion?
Having to do things in 3's. I get irritated if I can't burp or sneeze 2 times in a row. If it's 2 it is frustrating, if it's 4 it's even worse. I have to use at least 3 paper towels when I go to the bathroom. I have to hang pictures in 3's...should I go on?

18. What do you think the odds are of the person who posted this before you becoming a rock star?
None. But if she does I'm gonna mooch money off of her.

19. Do you know what the heck the difference is between the statements "we're just dating" and "we're together"?
"We're together" can mean 2 people on a resturant ticket.

20. When you think, do you see the words that you are thinking in your mind, as if they were being written down?

21. If a person is brought up speaking both Spanish and English in equal amounts and equally fluently, which language do they think in?

22. Does it make you uncomfortable when people ask you your shoe size?
Not really but it's kind of a weird q.

23. Would you feel guilty about cheating on your taxes if you got away with it?
Not so much guilty but nervous that I would eventually get caught.

24. You are walking on the beach when suddenly you find a genie lamp. You rub it, and out pops the genie. He proclaims that he is so thankful to you for letting him out after thousands of years that he gives you three wishes. What do you think he did with his time while he was in there?
Wii...he's a genie...he can find one and actually afford it.

25. If you had braces, would you put little diamonds on your brackets and call them your "grill"?
No. But I would put platinum skulls on them.

26. You have 24 hours to live... what are you going to wear?!?!?

27. Which is worse... someone blowing cigarette smoke in your face, or kissing someone who has dip in their mouth?

28. Have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?

29. Who were you with last night?

30. What woke you up this morning?
The alarm clock.

31. Have you ever passed out on the bathroom floor?
No. But I sat in there waiting to puke.

32. Had you ever answered any of these questions before?
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[10 Nov 2007|07:13pm]
I just sneezed...3 times in a row!

Go me!
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Larry is dead... [28 Oct 2007|08:14pm]

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Acidic Diarrhea [17 Oct 2007|06:56pm]
[ mood | silly ]

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[23 Sep 2007|06:51pm]
My dearest Willow,

Here is the song I was talking about. Just reading the lyrics may not sound pretty, but I think the song itself is pretty.

Stars Go Blue.Collapse )
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[23 Sep 2007|01:25pm]

Hells yeah!
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I don't know why, but this made me laugh. [16 Sep 2007|06:17pm]

I think it's because they are retarded.
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[12 Sep 2007|05:33pm]
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[08 Sep 2007|01:51pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

My big 20 lbs cats just ran my 7 lbs dog into a corner and scared the crap out of him!!!

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[03 Sep 2007|02:37am]
[ mood | amused ]

My sister is really into this thing called Justin.tv so she talked me into watching it with her for a few minutes yesterday. It's basically this website where people are broadcasting their lives. Like everything they do in a day (without being pervy) (well, I don't know...maybe some of them get pervy). But it's like they're carrying around a little hidden camera everywhere they go. It's kind of weird but kind of cool. But sometimes she just likes to sit around and watch whatever is going on with their lives...which is weird. Altho my life is boring enough that I can understand where watching someone else do nothing could maybe be entertaining. I don't know. But I think I'll get a little camera and do the same thing. And it would all be from my living room...that's how eventful my life is. And occasionally it would show me reading a book. Or picking my nose.

I need to poo.

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Oh look, an update... [01 Sep 2007|12:44pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

So Will traded in his $15,000 car for a cheaper one so we could actually afford the payments and get back on our bills. We went from a 2005 Scion TC to a 2003 Chevy Cavalier. It's actually pretty nice. But they are both stick shifts which I have no idea how to drive.

Well last night Will decided to teach me. Here I am terrified out of my mind because I don't know what I am doing. So Will tells me "Slowly let up on the clutch as you are slowly pushing in the gas." So I did. And you know those noises you hear right before someone dies in a deadly car crash? Like the horrible screaching tires and the motor all funky and everthing? Well, it made that sound and jerked all over and I had to slam on the breaks. And then I started crying like a baby but I was SO SCARED. So then he keeps trying to make me do it again and I was getting all mad. I got out of the car and went and climbed in my dads van (we were at my parents) so I could have my panic attack in peace. But he follows me and tries to make me get back in the car. The whole times he is being a complete asshole jerk to me and not trying to be understanding at all. And to make a long story short, we ended up getting into a huge ass fight and I was beggin him to just take me home. But then I got really mad (remember I have anger issues and am medicated for them) and I slammed my fist down on his car and slapped the keys out of his hand and declared how much I hate that car and demanded him to take me home. The whole time he is being a jerk still. And I know I acted like a bitch but I was so stinking upset. But anyways, he finally takes me home. But then he came back to my mom and dads and proceded to tell MY DAD EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED!!!!!!! So then my dad calls me while Will was there and tells me how I am being a brat and how I need to calm down and not get so mad and not be so hard on Will. And then he tells me how I am going to learn how to drive that car no matter what. So I was so effin pissed. Like I can't even describe. So I was mad all night at Will and even this morning. But we kind of talked things out and stuff is better now. EVEN THO I AM STILL SO MAD that he went to my dad about it. It's so not cool! It's none of their business if we get into a fight. Ugh.

Now my dad wants to take me to dinner tonight but I know it's just gonna be so he can have a talk with me about what happened and how I'm a horrible person. I swear...it sucks when your parents like your husband more than you.

So that's what happened with my weekend so far.

And I REFUSE to drive that car. I won't. And no one understands at all. My life sucks right now. It's like my feelings aren't justified or something. Ugh.

I'm still so pissed.

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Why I don't update often. [22 Aug 2007|05:53pm]
Sometimes (a lot) I don't have anything to update about. My life is pretty boring. I guess I could try to tell what's been going on with me, but it really isn't that interesting, plus, I don't think that many people would even read it. And sometimes (a lot) I'm just depressed and don't feel like typing.
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[23 Jul 2007|09:27pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I have come to the conclusion that I really like the song Until Tomorrow by Paramore. I'm starting to listen to them more now. I've had their stuff laying around here forever, but never really got into it. It must be the mood I've been in lately.

I also think I'll start updating this more often.

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[23 Jul 2007|06:14pm]
I'm a quarter of a century today!

I told a girl at work that and she said "What's a quarter?"...but you have to know her. She's funny.
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[12 Jul 2007|08:36pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Is it just me, or does the guy from Plain White T's and the dude that plays Neville in all the HP movies look totally alike? Maybe it's the teeth.

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[08 Jul 2007|04:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

This is our new baby, Chance:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He's a 4 year old pure bred Pomeranian and we got him at the Human Society. He is so sweet and gentle but silly at the same time. I never really liked Poms before, but I think Will and I both fell in love.

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[04 Jul 2007|07:11pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

why oh why oh why oh why????
why oh why oh why oh why why oh why oh why oh why why oh why oh why oh why why oh why oh why oh why why oh why oh why oh why why oh why oh why oh why why oh why oh why oh why why oh why oh why oh why why oh why oh why oh why?
oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Why do I put myself in stupid situations? All the time?

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[15 Jun 2007|08:14pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

One day

I shall tell you all

The greatest love story

I've ever known.

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